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Hi everyone, I am Elsa and I am 8 years old. Mummy has asked me to write on her blog today about things that are important to me.



I am really glad I moved to a new school last year because I am way happier than I was at my old school. I like the school in general, the teachers are lovely and there are lots of clubs you can join, I’m in elite gym, flute choir and sewing club. I’m going to join the netball club in year 4.

I was looking forward to making new friends and I really did . They are really good friends because  they are kind in many different ways.


When I’m a grown up, I want to be a vet because I like animals and I want to help them get better.  I’d like to be a pet vet and not a farm vet because I don’t want to stick my hand up a cows butt.


My family is funny, I like to play with Chicky (Emmeline) and spend time with mummy in the evening when Jude and Chicky are in bed. We watch our favourite programmes like Marrying Mum and Dad, Horrible Histories and Operation Ouch and eat lots of snacks like popcorn, Joe’s mini eggs and grapes.


Elsa on Jude: Jude can be annoying, he just irritates me. Mum says that it’s because he’s my brother! If I had to say one thing that’s nice about him (mum said I had to)…he’s very happy.


Elsa on Emmeline: She is funny, giggly, sometimes annoying but that’s mostly Jude. I like to play with her and invent games that make her laugh.


Elsa on Joe:  Joe is kind and funny but likes to wind me up. I like to spend time with him, we go bike riding over the roly poly hills together and take a picnic in the summer. Joe is good at buying treats! If I ask him to pick up some crisps or something on the way home from work then he always does.


Elsa on Mum: Mum is fun, kind and helpful. Mum does a lot for me, drives me to places I need to go but sometimes she’s strict. It’s important to me that mummy is happy.



If you have any questions that you want me to answer then please ask.



*I edited some of Elsa’s dodgy sentence structure. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.*







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  • jeremy@thirstydaddy on

    very cute. What a great idea!

  • tammymum on

    Ah bless they are lovely answers, she sounds like a lovely little girl. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun x

  • Angela Watling on

    This is such an adorable post

    Elsa – you sound like lots of fun! I’m impressed by how many activities you do. You must be really busy! It’s really nice that you want your mummy to be happy. It’s also great to hear that you like your new school xx


  • twotinyhands on

    He he I wouldn’t want to stick my hand up a cows butt either! Definitely pet vet is the way to go!! What’s your favourite lesson at school?

    Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  • A Mum Track Mind (@amumtrackmind) on

    Hi Elsa! What a great guest post – it was so lovely to meet you and hear a bit more about you. I think it sounds like you are doing very well in your new school and it’s great to hear that people are being kind and that you are making new friends. Don’t worry about finding your brother annoying. I have two brothers and they were both very annoying too! When you are all grown ups, you will find each other a bit less annoying I think. Good luck with your goals to be a vet – you need to work very hard to do that job but I’m sure you can do it. Thank your mum for linking up to my Linky #fortheloveofBLOG. x

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