Day One

So yesterday was technically the first day of the summer holidays and I think it went pretty typical to form. We argued a lot, Jude and Elsa fought (physically as well as verbally!) we played in the garden, I attempted to tidy up but soon realised the futility of this action, we walked to the park and we chilled on the couch and watched tv. By bedtime, I was left feeling destroyed so all in all a success.

One of the main reasons the elder two fight at the moment is because of these little animal shaped models that Elsa has recently started to collect using her own pocket money. You can take them apart and re-form them and because they’re made of rubber, Jude likes to chew them. She lines them all up on her little show shelf in her bedroom and every so often, I hear Jude’s feet on the wooden floor boards and just know he’s snuck back into Elsa’s room to steal a unicorn, a lion or one of the other little creatures.  I don’t know how to overcome this problem; standard for Jude really…he has become obsessed with these things and no amount of telling him off will deter him. His obsessions are like a drug addict, he has to get his fix or he becomes seriously anxious and upset. Is this an autistic trait or a Jude trait?!

It’s funny because I was talking to someone the other day about my blog and he asked me why I called it Living with A Jude and not Living with Jude. Well, my simple answer was because Jude is like his own little entity. I can’t define him as just Jude as there are millions of Jude’s around the world and none of them would be able to relate to this one. He is his own being, I almost feel like he defines Jude as an independent noun. The sort of weird obsessive behaviour explained above just helps highlight why I added an A to the title. He has so many weird characteristics that all come together to make Jude, Jude. A while ago I listed all his current funny habits (find Weirdies in the archived posts) but I’ve thought of a couple more recently…firstly, the one about chewing Elsa’s rubber animals but the second, weirder than the first, is something he’s been doing for ages but I never really thought about it. When he’s in the garden and has finished playing with his Go-Kart or bike or whatever, he has to leave it tipped on it’s side. So he doesn’t just get off his bike and walk away, he lies it on its side before he can go and do something else! How odd is that?!?! Our garden has on occasion been filled with tipped vehicles!

Again, mentioned before but we talked about it again yesterday. If you say to Jude about stop being a weirdo, he laughs. I think he realises that what he does is a bit strange but he can’t help himself.

Something else I noticed yesterday when we were at the park was Jude’s absolutely awful gross motor skills. It riles me that he was turned down for physiotherapy by Herts County Council because “he can walk”. So bloody what?! Is physio purely a means to get people walking, however wobbly? Look at this picture…


This is as far as he got, he literally couldn’t even climb a few steps. He never moves with any fluidity whatsoever, his steps are always awkward and it’s as if he has to think about everything physical he does. Is this because he walked late? I think I need to investigate but as for the summer holidays, maybe plenty of outdoor activities will help. We’re off out soon to a local spring as Elsa loves looking for crayfish so that will allow Jude lots of opportunity to climb and perhaps even attempt the stepping stones across the stream…I fell in this stream as a toddler so perhaps Jude’s physical disability is actually a genetic inheritance from his seriously clumsy mother. If anyone has any physio related suggestions then please let me know! I contacted an Occupational Therapist (they actually work very holistically so it is more than just OT) last week but appointments are just so expensive, it’s not even considerable at the moment. The park it is for now…

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