So last weekend, this happened…


IMG_2907                  IMG_2908


Nice technique there Jude!


Yes, that is Mr. Giraffe in the swing – Jude often puts him in there and pushes him gently.

IMG_2909                             IMG_2910


I made Jude take on his first ever chore! From now on, every weekend he’s going to pick up all the clothes and crap off his bedroom floor and then he’s going to hoover up all the scraps of paper he’s ripped up and distributed across the carpet thanks to his funny little pillow game. He did pretty well actually for a first effort. He didn’t have a clue how to hold the hoover and kept moving it around in his hands and laughing because he realised how ridiculous he looked.


I’ve wondered what chores are suitable for Jude and have decided to start very slowly. I looked up age appropriate chores for a four year old (cognitive ability level) and this is generally what was suggested:


  • Get dressed independently (on the whole)
  • Make bed
  • Pick up toys
  • Wash hands
  • Set the table with supervision
  • Help food preparation
  • Help carry light shopping bags
  • Sort laundry colours
  • Match socks once washing is dry
  • Feed pets
  • Hang up towels in the bathroom
  • Clean floors of spillages


What do you think? Does your child do chores!? I feel bad because I’ve never really encouraged Jude to participate with household chores and maintenance but now I’ve realised that this is what we should be focusing on more so than most other educational subjects. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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