Big Swing

So it turns out Jude’s “big swing” as he calls it, has been the single best purchase of my  entire life! All day he has asked if he can go and play on it and after repeated prolonged periods of absence by Jude, I kept finding him like this…


Or this…


It’s amazing!! My mum bought him a radio today as well so he has literally spent all day in his room and he’s just so happy. He even said to me this morning “Look at all the lovely things in my room mummy. I love my room.” He never says that much or anything that meaningful, I was genuinely shocked but thrilled he is so happy with it all.

He has been loathed to let Elsa anywhere near his room (he doesn’t like her in there at the best of times) but remarkably, this afternoon…this happened…


MIRACLE!!! Harmony reigns in our house and the children are even being nice to each other.

So thank you Family Fund for creating this  amity and togetherness by means of a hammock chair 🙂

I wanted to discuss something vaguely serious but I’m still in shock as to how much Jude has changed just from having a swing chair in his room. He has become happier, more content and just so excitable. I’m going to keep adding bits and pieces to his room but will leave it a few weeks until the novelty of these things has worn off. I haven’t put hi s disco ball up yet (yes, I bought a disco ball!) as I can’t work out how to do it…will attempt it again tomorrow morning.

The serious conversation I wanted to invoke was regarding food and eating. Jude could eat for Britain. He has the metaphorical hollow legs. He can graze all day, eat a three course meal and then ask for a snack straight afterwards. Most people find this pretty funny and up until recently, I kind of did too. If a bit annoying. His school used to use his food obsession as a bit of a bribing tool to get him to do some work but they don’t need to so much these days as he enjoys his lessons a lot more. However, I know no other child like Jude in terms of food and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s another element of his disability. We literally have to hide certain foods around the kitchen or else he’ll get up super early and eat the whole lot. Cereal is one of his favourite things and for a long time I had to hide it above the kitchen cupboards or on top of the fridge. Ditto biscuits; Jude couldn’t open the microwave door until a few months ago so we’d stash all the packets in there for safe keeping! There was a time where he’d eat an entire punnet of blueberries of strawberries which was often deemed a good thing by people, however it’s not because a) it costs a flippin’ fortune and b) it isn’t normal!

Jude’s previous teacher said we should get tests done for thyroid issues but for this to happen we had to take him for blood tests. This was horrendous and because he has such scrawny arms, the nurse struggled to get enough blood out of him; it also took such a long time that he got so upset and she couldn’t carry on. Needless to say, the results came back asking us to go for further blood tests. No way! There must be another way to test for this sort of thing, or am I being particularly stupid? Could it be something other than a physical problem? Emotional or just another obsession? Genetically, we are all tall and gangly on my fathers side of the family and as a child (and still as an adult) I used to wake up literally starving hungry every morning and I’d have to have a bowl of porridge and several pieces of toast and fruit to fill me up. Perhaps Jude just has my crazy metabolism!? Who knows. I’ve been attempting to give him more food this week to see if it makes a difference but I will look into under and overactive thyroid problems in children and see if I can find a practitioner who can help us. It would be great if we could work something out in this area.

Thankfully, Jude tends to steal the healthy food such as a packet of green beans, fruit, carrots, rice cakes, etc. but once he did make the fatal error of eating my last few squares of chocolate. I was NOT amused. I’ll speak to our GP tomorrow for some advice and will report back.

Still no word from our non-Social Worker by the way. No call from this other team we’ve been referred to and even my non-Social Worker is now ignoring my emails! Fabulous urgency within the department…

A x

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