Baby and Me Day

Bit of a weird weekend this one as Joe is away with friends, hanging out in tents in the rain (great choice of weekend, might I add) and Jude and Elsa are with their father. I literally can’t wait till they are home again but for now, Emmeline and I have made the most of our time to do lots of fun things at her own little thirteen month old pace.

So here is our day (mostly) in pictures…


IMG_0953   Chilling on the couch after breakfast 🙂


This morning, we went for a walk around the shops and St. Albans market which was obviously exhausting. Emmeline has the prettiest face ever, UNTIL she goes to sleep in her carseat where she retreats into her necks and sleeps like a turtle.




She actually ATE lunch, it’s a miracle!!! It was lovely having time with just Emmeline so I could sit at her little table with her and have our meal together. She loved it too and proved this by not getting up and running off at all…she normally does at least four laps of the dining room and living room between mouthfuls. But I guess for a baby of her age, it’s pretty cool that she sits at a table and eats with a fork so comprehensively.




I’m so so pleased we have our allotment – we went there this afternoon with my mum for a bit of a survey and to have an attempt at softening up the ground again. Emmeline is already learning that food grows on plants – she demonstrated this understanding by eating as many blackberries as she could from the boundary hedges (we are allowed to take these, by the way, we weren’t pilfering someones plot.)


No progress check on our plot today as it doesn’t look much better than before so here is an image of what I’m aiming for at the moment. NO weeds and viable space to actually grow some bits and pieces.

IMG_0967                                                        IMG_0968


We finished our day by attempting a new Montessori puzzle. Emmeline is fascinated with slotting blocks into spaces at the moment so I knew this one would appeal to her. She didn’t understand it entirely but made a good first attempt in her own heavy-handed kind of way.



Fabulous day overall and now I have an evening in peace to myself where I can chill and eat all of the remaining chocolates in the fridge. I hope your tent holds out in the rain, Joe xx


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