Autism and change

My mum attempted a brave thing today. She called me up at lunchtime and said she wanted to move the furniture in Jude’s room around and put some posters on the wall; despite knowing Jude could potentially hit the roof I agreed, his room is a tip and could do with an injection of life.


So, after purchasing a couple of posters my mum set to work. She moved the bed against the wall, tidied up all his annoying bits of ripped up paper that he flicks around on his pillow and lined up his shoes neatly (in a Jude-esque manner)


Then Jude came home…he walked in and instantly went quiet, inspecting everything that was now different and out of place in his little space.


IMG_2144 IMG_2145





Mum and I attempted to show Jude where things had been put but he got a bit agitated, telling us to both go away so I said that we’d leave him in peace and let him get used to his new surroundings. Bearing in mind, literally all that has changed is the bed placement; it’s now roughly 1 metre further to the right and his bedside table has flipped sides! It’s quite amazing how much effort it takes for Jude to adjust to this tiny an alteration.


Here are a few articles about change and autism – This one is written by someone with autism so gives a direct view of why change affects some people.

Autism West Midlands article on change and transition


Anyway, we left Jude and about an hour later when leaving the house to collect Elsa from her school bus, he informed me “I like my room, mummy.” So well done Granny, you did good. Jude approves 🙂


A x

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