100 Aker Woods

Yesterday, following a pang of motherly guilt that we hadn’t done anything particularly interesting together for a long time, we went to Aldenham Country Park; the children absolutely love the Winnie the Pooh 100 Aker Wood trail and I have to admit, I love it too. When you spend a prolonged period of time outside with just peaceful fields, a lake, streams and trees to look at, you definitely feel more relaxed when you go home. Well, I do anyway. It’s almost like therapy.


Jude did mostly very well and took to pushing the buggy around I think as much for his benefit as it was to be helpful. Walking around on grass and uneven gravel leads Jude to be rather wobbly and unsure on his feet so he compensates by leaning on the buggy.


It’s such a wonderful piece of open space and after wander around and finding all the characters houses, such as Winnie’s:

IMG_0763 Jude knocking to see if anyone is in…


we then went to the woods and played on the assault course. But typically for Jude and Elsa, their approach to the activities were markedly different. Elsa went around the whole course about four times, made a friend and had the time of her life. Jude on the other hand, sat down on the first log he came across and kept saying “it’s too hard” and “I’m not doing it.”

He then proceeded to talk to a lady who unwittingly stood next to him and his questions, as is standard for Jude, went something like this…”What are you doing? Is that apple? (she was eating an apple – not as random as the question seems on paper) Are you going home soon? What are you doing? Is your car hot? Where are you going? I’m not sure he EVER listens to any answers, it’s like he just has to get all these questions out of his mouth to feel content!

IMG_0767   IMG_0768

Overall, we all had a nice trip to the 100 Aker Woods. I actually felt slightly more relaxed than I normally do which is a miracle as stress and anxiety seem to have taken over my entire being again.

When we first arrived, I saw a mini bus with a small group of disabled children plus their carers walking through the car park. One boy, he looked about 11 or 12, was having a bit of a moment, crying and trying to run around however the two ladies with him were holding his arms gently and trying to calm him down. I almost took a picture (but then realised I’d need their permission to print it) of the amount of people staring at this situation. Now, I know when you are somewhere quiet and a commotion occurs, it’s natural to have a look however I could feel my blood slowly boiling to the point I had to stand on my own feet to stop myself from going over and saying something. The boy ran across the carpark towards the woods and I was so happy to see him wander back a few minutes later, holding the ladies hands and smiling again. It’s wonderful when you see children clearly cared for well and made to feel content; I always assume the worst but on this occasion it seemed perfect.


Back to the smallest member of our crew…Little Emmeline walked pretty much the whole time, she adores using her own legs because of her obstinately individualist nature and I don’t think I appreciate how good her walking skills are until I see toddlers much older than her sitting in buggies or being walked on reins.  It’s amazing how similar to Elsa she is; Joe and I regularly reflect on the pain we are going to suffer when both girls hit their teens.


Jude behaved, Elsa and Emmeline had fun and Granny came along with an amazing picnic so all in all a success.





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