What’s in a name? Nicknames and variants

I’ve been asked before why I even bothered giving my children names because I only ever refer to them by their nicknames.


It’s funny how when you’re pregnant, you think of these beautiful names with variations you love; noble and strong names you can imagine lasting them through childhood and into their adult life. Variations and possible shortenings of these names that adorn your child with respect, glamour, dignity. But then reality hits, baby is born and a whole host of nicknames arise. Or is that just our family?



Take Jude for example. When he was a baby we called him Mr. Majeika because he had funny sticking up hair. Jude was born with a LOT of hair so inevitably that was the target of many a label. Mr. Majeika lasted a good couple of years until the next one emerged. I think the next one is possibly the longest lasting nickname Jude has ever had. Rudy. He even answers when you call him this! If you’re wondering why and whether it has a deep and meaningful existence then fear not, it really doesn’t. Rudy rhymes with Judy. Rudy is just the shortened version of Rudy Judy! I know, right?!

I have to laugh because in the last few months, Jude has been blessed with a new nickname from his support staff at school. They call him Judith. So the poor boy now answers to Jude, Rudy Judy, Rudy and Judith. I love Judith, it’s such a cute name for him and one that he refers to himself as. “Juuuuudith, time for dinner.”¬†



Elsa has probably come out best as she doesn’t seem to have many. Actually just one…Pelsa. Not particularly genius but it’s the lazy version of Elsa Pelsa. At school her friends call her Twelsy. Her class all have ridiculous names for one another that I can’t keep up with but for the last year all her friends have called her Twelsy!



Emmeline…ahhh Emmeline. We gave her such a beautiful name but now rarely use it. Instead, we call her Chicky. Chicky chops, Chicky Wicky, Choppers or Chops. When we decided on Emmeline, I remember agonising on what people may shorten it to and assumed it would probably just be Em. In fact, my mum and one of my friends sometimes refer to her as Em but everyone else either calls her Emmeline or Chicky. ¬†Where did Chicky come from? Not particularly obvious, I know. Emmeline was born at the slightly delicate (for our family) weight of 7lbs 4oz and with incredibly skinny little legs. We decided they looked like chicken legs so started calling her that. Chicken legs was swiftly promoted to just Chicken or the now familiar Chicky. Poor child. It’s completely stuck now so I can’t see that title changing for a while…doubt she’ll love us for it in a few years time.


So how about your family…do you have nicknames for one another?



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