What mum wants for Christmas



Ok, it’s less of what mum wants for Christmas and more what I want for Christmas. But I’m a mum, so that counts right?

I’d like to start out by saying I have absolutely no expectation of any of these coming true, I know my limits and I’m happy with them. This is a purely indulgent list that I’ve made up on a day where procrastination rules. I’m often laughed at because of my incredible ability to float away into my own little world and this is a prime example. Some things on this list are more realistic than others…you can guess which comes under that category.


  • An entirely new wardrobe of clothes. If not an entire wardrobe, just a few pieces that I can mix and match all week. I’d love one of those “capsule” wardrobes that people talk about. Mine is nothing of the sort – random yellow jumper here, patterned dress there. Nothing goes together and everything is at least as old as Elsa. Tragic. I wore better clothes ten years ago but I guess that’s because nowadays my children are wearing (or eating, or competing in sport with) all my money. Damn them. Brands I love: For workwear Komodo is so unique and classic in style. It’s also an ethical/vegan company so ticks all my boxes. For similar reasons I love Thought. I want most of their women’s range. Hush is also an absolute favourite of mine. I need shoes too – Will’s Shoes are something I’d almost kill for…ironic for a vegan but you get what I mean. I want them!


  • A night out at my favourite FAVOURITE place in the whole of London. The Oxo Tower.  It’s so indulgent even the bottles of water are branded as Harvey Nichols. I’ve had several nights out in their cocktail bar and always loved it. The views are amazing, overlooking the Thames and you’re right near my favourite part of London. Ahhhhh, Bellini anyone?


  • A day off. I just want a day doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it. A cup of tea alone in a coffee shop with just my book for company. A bath without having to forward think about dinner/pick ups/work/bedtimes, etc. Just once!


  • Someone to make all my meals for the day and to clean all the dishes away.


  • Jewellery. I’m not indulgent when it comes to jewellery and prefer dainty pieces to anything too bling. I have a particular fascination with all things antique. I love jewellery with a story to tell. Something interesting for Christmas would be amazing <3


  • Peace for all mankind. Or at least just in our household over Christmas; no huge expectations.


  • A new handbag from Matt and Nat. I love their stuff – ethical and luxury at the same time. Go look at their website, it’s gorgeous.


  • Books. I haven’t read a novel that has stuck in my mind for a long time. I used to read every day for hours but just haven’t recently. I need my reading mojo back!


  • Beauty products.  Make up from Bare Minerals and tons of presents from Lush mmmmmm I love that place. Their shampoo and conditioner bars are amazing and the bath bombs are incredibly unique.


That should do me really.


What’s top of your present list this year?

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