Top books loved by a Jude

Jude, I guess like most children, knows what he does and doesn’t like when it comes to story time.

And being my first child, I was one of those amazingly enthusiastic reading mums. Every evening, we’d have a couple of stories snuggled up in bed and even now, when in the right mood, Jude loves to have a book read to him lying in bed.

There are several books that he has loved for a long, long time. Like we’re talking years long here. I don’t know what it is about these stories but I’d love to find a common theme…see if you can help me out.


Firstly, Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. My god, we’ve read this one so many times that the pages frayed and the book eventually had to be thrown out! I reckon Jude likes this because it’s largely about fruit but I may be wrong…Have you read it? It’s nice and short so I never resented having to read it again when he’d ask. Here is a picture of Jude reading it to himself in his pants! Maybe he loves it because he can tell the story himself? It’s a lovely simple concept of a girl taking fruit in a basket for her friend in a neighbouring village.

Reading Handa's Surprise.



Alien’s Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

There’s a whole host of alien and underpants books these days but Jude loves the same one. I bought him one of the others and it didn’t have the same effect! If you haven’t read this book before, it’s a lovely colourful and fun story of alien’s who fly down to earth to steal your pants! The inside cover page has lots of pictures of pants and Jude likes to choose a pair for each member of our family. It’s part of reading the story now.




Mog, the forgetful cat by Judith Kerr.

Again, only the original version cuts it for Jude. I love this story and remember it fondly from childhood. It’s a testament to the beautiful writing that such a simple story has lasted all these generations.



Millie Moo by Roger Priddy

Ahhh I love this book so much. As a toddler, all the beautiful bright colours really caught Jude’s eye. Each character sits on a new page with a themed colour just for them – there’s even a parachuting penguin and a fish with fingers! He would happily sit and look through this book with me several times a day.



Hugless Douglas by David Melling

Poor Douglas, he wakes up wanting a hug so wanders about aimlessly looking for the best hug he can find. This is such a cute story. Have you read it?



Emily Brown and the Thing by Cressida Cowell

We read this HUNDREDS of times. Actually, I need to buy a new one as I think our old one got destroyed. I love this story. Emily Brown and her cuddly rabbit Stanley try to help the Thing feel less scared of the dark. See this is the confusing one really – it doesn’t meet any of Jude’s typical criteria for book. It’s quite elaborate in the wording, it doesn’t involve food and the colours are not as vivid as some of the other suggested books…hmmm




Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

“I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet…” 

Goes against every animal exploitation view I possess but what can I do, Jude loved it when he was little. We don’t have this book any more but I’m pretty sure Jude would still love it now.




I’m sure there are more. I’m trying to think even as I write this so I’ll add to this post if I can think of anything significant!


Can you see a pattern? I still can’t.

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