Ten of Elsa

Hard to believe but my little Elsa Pelsa will be 10 years old in a fortnights time!! My goodness, that’s a shocker. Whilst I can’t remember her being a baby any more, it feels incredible that she’s growing up so fast. Already, she feels quite teen-like in her behaviour – she wears teeny clothes, steals my make up and insists she old enough to walk into town (obviously I don’t let her!)


She’s having a joint birthday disco party with one of her best friends which will be hilarious! So naturally, myself and her friends mother will be sipping prosecco in the background whilst them and their friends have an awesome time together. It’ll be so cute. We’re making retro food for our own amusement so lots of pineapple hedgehogs and things on sticks! I’ll take pictures to show you. Love a bit of creative food display work.


I thought I’d look through and share some images of Elsa over the years. Out of the three children, Elsa is probably the least talked about on my blog but she is hugely remarkable in character. Elsa has gone through a lot in her life but remains strong, mature, great fun and just a little teeny bit bratty at times…but don’t they all. She’s pretty cool, I have to say.


It was hard to choose but here are ten of my favourite photos of Elsa.


The heftiest of the three siblings, Elsa weighed 9lbs 60z at birth and put on a further pound within two weeks. She was desperate to get moving and absolutely loved her door bouncer thingy. Look at those cheeks!




Elsa aged 1 1/2 in France. She’d just slipped backwards running around the pool (she unfortunately walked/ran early) and banged her back. BUT cheerful as ever, she was ready to take to the water! Her thighs are just the best baby thighs ever.




Elsa three dummies was her nickname at nursery. Always with a dummy in mouth and two to hand!



Hugely grown up, even as a toddler, Elsa and I would go for lunch together every week. I love this picture because her eyes are gorgeous and I loved those little dungarees on her.



Possibly the last time I remember Elsa wearing anything “girly”



Captured by a professional photographer, aged five. This is a definite Elsa look…it’s evolved further over the last five years.



Proud big sister, here aged 6, to little Emmeline. 



Back in time and again in France. This was shortly before Elsa fell out of a carriage on this merry-go-round and cut her ear really badly on a bolt. She is so clumsy!



Her favourite thing ever as a young child was to dress as/pretend to be a pirate! For her third birthday party, we had a pirate theme plus this amazing cake baked my Granny.



Elsa’s first love is sport. Competitive sports that she currently adores are cross country, athletics, lacrosse, netball and of course gymnastics. She’s desperate to get back to gymnastics after Christmas following a 6 month resting period after her terrible arm break in July. I’m not mentally ready for her to return but I know they’ll take it easy with her for a while. Here she is running a relay for her school. It’s such an Elsa picture, I love it.



Ok I lied, it’s eleven photos. How could I leave this one out?!

My gorgeous flower girl at our wedding last year <3

She read a beautiful poem in front of everyone during the service, it was quite remarkable.



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