Sibling love – Jude and Emmeline


I’ve mentioned it a hundred times but haven’t written a whole post on these two for a while. Jude and Emmeline. What a pair. When they are together, they manage to bring out the most irritating yet adorable traits in one another.


Jude and Emmeline have absolutely the same sense of humour at the moment. Anything to do with copying noises, laughing, poo jokes, messy play, jumping on the trampoline or on Jude’s bed is fantastically enjoyable for the pair of them. It’s amazing really how different Emmeline is when she is with Jude compared to with Elsa. She very much copies Elsa in a way that expresses her admiration for her older sister. She recognises that there are many wonderful characteristics she can learn from her. But not with Jude…nope, Jude is all about the fun and hysterical laughter.


So here they are…images are often better than words so I have picked a handful of my favourite Jude/Emmeline moments from the last (almost) three years.


Background music is “Glasgow Love Theme” which is Emmeline’s favourite song in the world. That girl is all about the classical music and will ask for Classic FM as soon as we get in the car! Piano music is one of the few things that encourages her to sit still for a few minutes.

Second song is Pharrell and “Happy” because Jude loves it <3


Enjoy x




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