Looking forward to Christmas



Are you excited about Christmas?

I have rather mixed emotions but I think that’s just because I’m so scarred from many a year where Jude hasn’t coped very well and I’ve had to “manage” the situation in front of family/friends.

What I do love are the traditions that we seem to be forming as a family. Many are passed down from experiences we had as children but some have naturally formed through our own little routines and habits.


Christmas eve – The children lay out their stockings on the fireplace and Elsa always chooses a snack/drink for Father Christmas and the reindeer. She’s nine now so I imagine we’re on borrowed time in regard to the whole Christmas thing but it’s lovely to feel the excited energy of the children as they bustle around the house in anticipation of going to bed. I remember that feeling, do you? Anxious and anticipating the morning ahead. Wondering if he’s managed to find all the presents you secretly really wanted.

Once they are in bed, I love to wrap all the children’s presents from Father Christmas . I think about why I chose each gift, reflect on how Christmas has been so far and generally about the year gone by. I love it. Even when I was on my own, I loved Christmas eve and would happily sit with a film playing on the television, a glass of wine and a mince pie on the table and wrap presents, content in my own home. It’s probably the most relaxing time for me.


Christmas morning – The children always wake me up before they go downstairs. Again, I remember feeling too nervous to go downstairs on my own as a child in case I bumped into Father Christmas (yes I got up that early) I think the most wonderful part of the day is seeing their faces as the living room door opens. The apprehension and hope etched within their gaze. Silent, breath in and then the smiles spread as they realise they haven’t been left out!


The rest of our day doesn’t have a huge amount of structure. This year we are having our parents over for the day as I want to make it as easy for Jude as possible. Last year was hard work with him as he just couldn’t cope with the enormity of formal lunches, visiting lots of people and having none of his typical routine apparent. Being at home means he can retreat if he needs. Yes, it also means I have to cook (pray for our guests!) but I don’t mind that at all and anyway, delegation is a strong point of mine 🙂


What are you looking forward to this Christmas?


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