How was your Christmas?

It’s Boxing Day evening and until this moment in time Jude has been awesome.


Saying that, he’s pretty chilled again (stomping around his room so not asleep unfortunately!) It was just a bit of built up anxiety because he knows two things are happening in the morning and he’s going through that repetitive “Am I getting my hair cut?” “What time is Granny getting here?” cycle. I’ve just left him in his bed, laughing that beautifully raspy laugh because even he realises how many times he’s now asked me the above questions and how ridiculous it is.


How was your Christmas?


Ours was pretty cool. I made the idiotic decision to invite all the grandparents over for the day, meaning I had to cater for nine people. NINE people! I’ve never cooked for that many. Thankfully, my mum (as usual) was on hand to help me both prior to and during the big day itself. She’s a pro, I just flapped around and occasionally shook the potatoes.


Teaching Jude how to use his alien catapult!


The children had a fab time. We weren’t entirely sure if Elsa still believed in Father Christmas or whether she was just going along with it for the presents however, I’m pretty certain her belief is still strong. We may have just experienced our last year of this but it has been pretty awesome for her. She spent all Christmas Eve on that Santa tracker app, went to bed early and whooped “Oh wow, I have been a good girl this year!” when she opened her main present from Father Christmas. It was a pretty hilarious sight.



Emmeline understood what was going on for the first time ever and was completely enthralled in the whole present unwrapping process. Even getting annoyed at me when I wanted to open my first present myself. She didn’t let me finish opening it but then handed the picture frame back over to me when she realised the contents were neither edible nor interesting in the slightest.


Emmeline showing the boy on the box how to look properly cool sitting on a digger


Jude. Judey Rudy enjoyed opening his presents as well and once he struck gold (finally opened something edible) he snuck off to his bedroom to “look out for Granny” aka scoff the lot. Meh, it was Christmas day, my rules were incredibly slack. All morning Jude was content, enjoying presents, chatting away and playing on his iPad in his bedroom when he needed to retreat. I was mildly terrified of how he would react when everyone arrived and yes, he was a tad hyper but he behaved really well. Sadly, Jude and Elsa had to leave to see their dad late afternoon but we had a great time together.

I was so proud of how well Jude did considering it’s only been the last year or so he’s been vaguely interested in Christmas. He’d never even touch his presents until a few years ago; I’d have to unwrap things for him and then put them away so it didn’t evoke any extra stress. Jude doesn’t like new things very much especially a huge pile of additional stuff that is so typical with Christmas. We’ve worked out that as long as we take things slow and retain pretty low expectations, everything goes to plan!


Three man attempt to calm a hyper Jude


And lunch…despite being certain I’d completely ruin the food, it was pretty successful. I attempted a couple of new recipes which I appreciate is pretty risque but I like to live on the edge in times of pressure. My mum cooked a turkey (bleurgh) and I made a delicious vegan roast to slice up as well as pigs in blankets and a huge sausage roll to share. Best of all and the biggest success of the day was my trifle! I’ve never made it before but my god, it was delish. Vegan of course, I made the sponge from scratch, hand whipped the cream and everyone loved it. Who knew I had it in me? I normally hate baking.

Despite this success, I have to say I don’t intend to “host” Christmas again for a while…way too stressful. In fact, next year I’d like to spend Christmas day lying on a beach somewhere and sipping a cocktail.


I think this was taken near the end of the day. I look like I’ve had enough and it’s probably the first time I sat down for more than twenty seconds.



An additional mention needs to go to Elsa. Yes, she can be an absolute horror at times but under all that angst she has a heart of gold. Not only did she spent all her New York spending money on presents for her grandparents, she then spent all her pocket money back at home buying gifts for Joe, Emmeline, Jude and myself. I’ve no idea when she bought this bracelet but it’s so sweet. She even demo’d that next time someone asks what my name is, I can do a Kung fu style punch forward (including sound effects) and show them my bracelet instead of answering! Brilliant.

Elsa also handmade our Christmas cards. What a little gem she can be <3


How was your Christmas? Did Father Christmas do the job?


I hope you’re all well and looking forward to the new year ๐Ÿ™‚

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