How has your week been?


Is it Friday already? Literally can’t believe the speed another week has whizzed by.

What have you been up to?

I feel sad saying that, as usual, my week has been dominated by work BUT I’m not going to let that taint my weekend. My car is also playing up again so I’ve been fearfully turning the key to see what sort of mood it’s in before each outing. Only once has it gone weird on me and thankfully, I was on a quiet road…back to the garage it goes…

This week (well over the last few weeks) Emmeline has made a friend at nursery. A real proper little friend who she wants to invite over to play. It’s so cute. I remember Elsa having her first friend and her talking about this girl non-stop and eventually her mum and me becoming great friends. It’s just how it happens, isn’t it? You make friends based on your situation in life and I love that. Weirdly though…the pre-school best friend of both Elsa and Emmeline have the same name! Isn’t that strange? Those girls just get more and more similar.

Jude’s first little friend was at primary school. It was a gorgeous little girl in his year that also took the same bus as him to school and home again. I have a photo of the two of them sitting in a little wendy house on the playground, decked out in wet weather overalls, singing and clapping together. They didn’t know the photo was being taken which just makes it even more real. It’s the most gorgeous photo and one I’ll keep forever.


What else has happened this week…hmmm

Elsa went on a two day residential trip with school which was awesome fun! They sailed, made rafts and sailed them to a little island, took part in a climbing game which I can’t remember the name of, plus lots of fun back at the place they were staying. When I picked her up Wednesday evening from school, she spoke at about a hundred miles an hour, detailing everything they’d accomplished. It was clearly a very memorable experience! I’m so jealous. All I remember doing at primary school is visiting some dull narrowboat river where we got to work the lock. Wooooo


Anyway, Jude is on his way home now so I’m sure the weekend will be a busy one. I feel ready and prepared for the whirlwind that is the Emmeline/Jude combo. He’s had a pretty good week. A bit wobbly early on but I’m not sure what that was all about. I doubt very much Jude would be able to explain to us because emotions and feelings aren’t something he knows how to talk about particularly freely. Is this something you can learn? I’m not really sure.


What are you planning for the weekend?

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