How has your week been?


Mine has been  mental.


I think that word sums up the majority of my weeks at the moment though. I’ve been working full time hours for the last month and a half and it’s certainly added a new dynamic to my life. I can’t really complain though, I enjoy what I do but attempting to fit in all the family stuff around work can cause a few headaches.


This week has been pretty cool. I saw Elsa sing in the local Abbey which was beautiful. Every December her school take it over for one evening and have a wonderful carol event with the choir and each year group singing various pieces plus there are readings spread throughout. It certainly makes you feel festive.


Tuesday evening I had some more injections in my knee…not particularly fun but I’m desperate to get running again so will try anything. I don’t hold out a lot of hope but you never know. I had an operation earlier in the year and another round of injections before that so Tuesday was kind of the last attempt before my running shoes are thrown on the junk yard and dismissed forever. Fingers crossed.


We are off on holiday this weekend which is pretty awesome. It’s just Joe, myself and the girls as it would be too much for Jude to cope with and his anxiety would go through the roof. I (naturally for me) hold some guilt and worry about leaving him in this country whilst we are elsewhere but I know it’s the right thing to do. The girls will have an amazing experience and I have to remember that they have needs just as much as Jude. Jude will still be at school as he hasn’t broken up yet and next weekend my mum will collect him for a Granny/Jude couple of days before we return. He’ll absolutely love that! I intend to take Jude away somewhere in Britain once the weather perks up a bit in Spring. We went glamping for a weekend earlier in the year and that was more than enough for Jude – how amazing does our tent look in this post?! It was blooming’ freezing that weekend but we had fun and loved sitting around the campfire at night. Jude preferred to stay within our tent most of the time however he did enjoy playing in the woods where there was a branch swing and wendy house. Maybe we could go back there as it will at least be familiar to him.


This afternoon I visited Jude’s school fayre which was so lovely. It was held in their hall with the Christmas tree (that my friends farm donated to them) standing in the corner and lots of beautiful decorations all over the place. They were selling bits and pieces that the children had made themselves and behind each stall, they had a board with images of the children crafting away and making the products. My dad came with me and we managed to buy quite a few bits; tea towels with the children’s self portraits printed on plus several hand made things – bath bombs, tree decorations and Christmas cards. I loved it. Just being there makes me want to think of more ways to help them so if you have any brainwaves then let me know.


Also, I wanted to say to you all that if you have a special needs school nearby then find out when their Christmas fete is and please try to attend. These schools always struggle to find enough funds for the year and events like this are a life line to them. It’s a great experience, normally pretty funny in parts but always heartwarming to be associated with such a wonderfully caring community. Staff at these schools are angels in disguise <3


How has your week been? All your Christmas shopping finished?!




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