Happy shiny Saturday

I’ve been rather vacant of late so I’m really sorry. But I wanted to tell you about the super happy Saturday we had yesterday!


Jude was in a fab mood. It hasn’t happened for quite some time but having him in the best place he can get himself into was really special. He’s affectionate, tells you he loves you, tells the girls he loves them, said that I’m his best friend (even though I know he says this to quite a few people haha). His laugh. That slightly crazy, “I can’t breath” laugh that he falls into where the tears run down his face. Jude played in the garden with Elsa and Emmeline and didn’t once freak out. He retreated to his room a couple of times but merely to rebalance and chill out with his iPad.


Most miraculously though…Jude left the house TWICE. Firstly, in the morning with my mum as I was taking the girls for a hair cut. Here they are looking beauts.



And here is Elsa teaching Emmeline how to climb a tree on our way home from the hairdressers…oh joy.

And secondly, with Emmeline and myself later in the afternoon when we went to collect Elsa from her triathlon training. I didn’t expect it to happen. To the extent where my dad was lined up to collect Elsa but I had it in my head to give it a go and see if we could at least go for a little drive. I promised Jude we would visit their favourite cafe for a smoothie. He knows all the names on the menu so it was really funny when his face lit up and he said “strawberry sunshine?” – I knew I had him then! *cue evil laugh*

I didn’t stick around, joking and smiling and talking in my most frilly voice to detract him from the movement he was about to make…out of his damn bedroom, down the stairs and into the car.

“Never mind your shoes Jude, I’ll grab them,” I said, literally shoving him out the front door.

And we were there! In the car. Emmeline dawdling behind but that didn’t matter because once Jude’s in the car, he won’t get back out.


Next miracle of the day came at Elsa’s training venue. Typical for Jude is to just sit in the car, listening to the radio whilst I run in and out of shops. But he agreed to come out with me and wait for Elsa. Eeeeeekkk

Actually, I kind of wish he hadn’t because he and Emmeline were annoying as hell whilst we stood outside the pool entrance with all the other solemn looking, quiet parents. They (Emmeline) decided to throw stones and very nearly missed a guy lying on the grass, making the most of his two hour child-free break. They then decided to knock on the window of the pool and repeatedly shout “Elsa Pelsa!”


I took them back to the car :/ Not impressed.


We waited there for a few minutes before I returned to get Elsa on my own!


But yes, it was just a fantastic, happy day. Jude was chatting, affectionate, funny. He cracked a joke about me drinking wine (!) and later on lay next to his sisters in Emmeline’s bed whilst Elsa read a few bedtime stories to them both.


I hope Sunday is just as happy an experience as we’re meant to be attending Jude’s school summer festival. I’m really looking forward to it so fingers crossed he copes with the change to our usual routine.


How has your weekend been?


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