Flippin’ ‘eck that was hard work!

It’s Friday evening, Jude and Elsa have gone to their dads for the weekend and peace is slowly starting to take over from the frazzled hazardous energy that Jude leaves in his wake.

It’s amazing how quick you can get used to living like a “normal” family without his daily presence and I wonder now, how I coped during that insanely long two month period over the summer when Jude was not at school.  Well, I know it’s very much down to the help from my mum and dad but even still, how are we not all now residing in padded cells for a bit of r&r?!


There have been highs (convinced Jude to go shoe shopping with me yayyy!) and lows (hmm let’s not go there) during this half term but it was great having Jude home and without a doubt the girls enjoyed his company. Elsa even played with him and chatted a lot more than she used to; they made up games in the garden, had little conversations on the stairs (literally sitting on the stairs!) and ate crisps together whilst watching tv. Relative bliss amongst the not so hot moments of the week…


Here are some pictures that I think really represent our half term together!


Collecting the boy from school!



Reconnecting with his partner in crime over ice lollies. 

















Joe and I went to an awesome wedding last weekend which may account for why I look as vacant as I do in the above picture of me collecting Jude #badmum



Out for lunch with the boy!

















Inevitably, in his pursuit of creating “people” to flick around his bed (bits of paper!) Jude trashed his room.



Jude and Emmeline spent a lot of time in the garden together 🙂




Emmeline became a whizz on her balance bike!



Really bad light but Pelsa and I went bowling together which was amazing  fun. She won.




Emmeline never failed to make us laugh. Yes, she is eating spaghetti with her fingers whilst wearing swimming goggles. 


We survived!



How was your half term? Did you get up to anything exciting?




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