Cerebral merry-go-rounds: when the mental load is too much.



You know when you have waaaaay too much going on in your head and you aren’t sure what to “sort” first? 


I’m totally there. More so than is usual for me.


I’m known for thinking too much, I can’t shut my brain off and don’t really have “down time” because it feels like wasted potential. But at the moment, there seems to be a little too much jumping on board the cerebral merry-go-round…


So first and foremost, Jude. Rudy Rudy. He’s always at the forefront of my mind…the regular guilt of the weekend gone by where as usual he hasn’t particularly enjoyed it all. Or perhaps he has but I don’t feel it because we haven’t done anything that I consider fun. I know he doesn’t want to go out anywhere but I always feel like I’ve failed by not managing to coax him away from the house. I’m his mum, surely I should have some sort of super power. Or perhaps that’s the problem…children rarely listen to their mum, do they?! There are always a billion ideas going on in my head relating to Jude. We have a meeting next week with our social worker and the school regarding his care so that should be interest.




Elsa – so many things. She’s prematurely turning teen on us and has an attitude that would contest even the biggest diva out there. One minute she’s angelic and the next she hates us all. Ahhh joy.



I’m not even going to bore you with the other issues in my head. Some are boring, some are ridiculous and many are predictable but the fact is, they’re all there and not going anywhere fast.


How do you all cope?

My list writing strategy isn’t working as the “to do’s” merely extends further and further each day. Having said that, I think the content is frequently too erratic and there is no apparent order to what I include.

And as much as I’d love to, I can’t drop any of my physical responsibilities because then my family life wouldn’t function as it needs to. But it isn’t even so much the chores cataloging each day, it’s more the thoughts and ideas.


How do you shut them off? Or not shut them off as I know they are all important ideas; maybe controlling or monitoring them are better terms.


I’d love to be a cat for the day. One of our two cats especially. I’m looking at them now as they snooze on a patio chair each. Gits.


I digress…


I’m going to try and be productive this week. Rather than continuing in this one woman befuddled race each day, I’m going to plan. Plan plan plan. Plan until my life has a bit of order to it.


Firstly, I think I’m going to create a mind map. That could be an interesting visual for anyone studying psychology out there! All the ideas, thoughts, worries, plans and responsibilities all in one big jumbly diagram. It will allow me to see what connects and which parts float off on their own.


THEN I can schedule. I need to schedule my working hours out a bit better and I need to plan when I’m learning French or Spanish, or chilling with the children or even…shock horror…going to the gym. Do you remember in the film About a Boy when Hugh Grant talked about his life being broken down into units of time. I need to do this!! This WILL be me.


Another thing I’m going to try and do is shut off social media, or at least filter it more constructively. Rather ironic seeing as my work is social media based BUT I’m still capable of lessening the procrastination time and focusing on what I actually need to do online.


I’d love to hear your ideas. How do you stable your brain flailings? Or perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a rationally judicious mind.

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