Expanding horizons

I think when it comes to experiences, it’s instinctive in us to stick within realms of considered safety. Elsa, is a total creature of habit and even little things like the bus changing it’s pick up point gave her a slight panic to begin with. My attempts at giving Jude real life experiences have been quite conservative until recently, partly because I didn’t give him the credit of being able to cope with them but also, I guess because we (massive assumption perhaps) love predictability.

Well…next week after school, Jude is going to Quasar with Jade and another boy from Jubilee House. At first, I thought it would be ridiculous and that Jude won’t have a clue what’s going on. But having thought about it for a day or so I’ve realised it really doesn’t matter if he doesn’t and actually, he may totally love it! This is why I wanted to involve him with an outside setting and Jade seems pretty chilled about it all so why shouldn’t I be. Perhaps there’s a typical 10 year old boy lurking in there somewhere and I haven’t given him the opportunity to come out yet. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

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