Book links

I thought I’d put a list of links the books I mentioned recently. They are suitable for toddlers onwards – Jude loves them all and even Elsa enjoys listening to them too. Click on the link and choose a few today.

I’ll regularly add lists of books we’ve discovered so you can perhaps explore them with your little ones too.


First – Emily Brown and the Thing by Cowell, Cressida Published by Hodder & Stoughton (2012) Paperback

Second – Handa’s Surprise (Walker Paperbacks)
Third – Aliens love underpants


A few more we all adore –

The tiger who came to tea
The Princess and the Wizard


Read to your children! It encourages imagination, wider vocabulary and better communication skills. Plus you get to spend some chill time, sitting down and sharing something wonderful with your child.

I have read to my children every night since they were born and now, it’s so beautiful to have Elsa read to me instead.

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