I have been incredibly stressed recently. Day to day life can be challenging and in particular if you have a disabled child (and a crazy 9 month old baby). Not only are activities that most people consider fairly standard a massive challenge some days (i.e. putting on shoes and getting in the car!) but there is the constant underlying stress of ensuring your child has adequate support systems in place so they can live as fulfilling a life as possible. As you know, I have arranged for Jude to visit Jubilee House and for him to begin adventure activities in the summer BUT this isn’t enough (despite even getting to this point taking a hell of a lot of effort). As well as day to day “stuff”, I have a constant battle to speak to my Social Worker/council/Kids Hub as I want to try and obtain more hours for Jude to access services. This involves crazy amounts of paper work followed by a discussion by the panel. No one with a disabled child ever really knows what or who this magical panel consists of but despite having never met Jude, and going entirely on the written words of my Social Worker, they are deemed omnipotent enough to decide your child’s educational/social/financial fate.

Anyway, I found this article which I think is very interesting…



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