New term

Back to school and what a difference! Jude (after a challenging morning) went off to school happily and worked so hard in all his lessons.

Then he came home and was polite, played nicely with his baby sister and was genuinely lovely. Makes me wish he could go to school all year round! Or at least some sort of activity club every day (OK perhaps not quite every day) during the holidays as he needs the stimulation. In an ideal world, I could give him the 1:1 care he needs literally all the time however, that isn’t realistic. This is why I am applying for a Support Worker to come and take him out at weekends for a few hours. Unfortunately, we have been allocated the most irritatingly slow and useless social worker that I’m going to have to chase up again tomorrow. This made me think though…I’m vaguely intelligent and find the mine field of paperwork and the constant chasing and researching a nightmare. What about those poor parents who either aren’t very intelligent or who have a disability themselves? How the hell do they navigate the system. Our county council has not been a huge help so far however, I have made a contact at Kids Hub who is really amazing. Kids is a fab charity who I will refer to many times in this blog as it is they who have helped me the most over the past few months. They have explained what we can access and how to go about it in a simplistic and easily processed way.

Anyway, for now I will revel in the new term and Jude’s happier attitude.

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