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I didn’t know what to write about today but then I saw an email sent to me some time ago about curing autism, offering me the chance to go to a conference on how to rid my son of his disabilities. Weirdly, I saw a post on Facebook about it this week as well. This can’t be real, can it?! Does anyone have any direct experience of “fixing” their broken child? Sorry, I’m being facetious as I just don’t know how else to react to such an offering. I’ve been included on a Facebook Group for people attempting to rid their systems of toxins and metals and am intrigued as to a) any results and b) what people have to do.

I’ve never really looked into curing Jude as I’m not sure I believe it is possible and do I even want to? As previously mentioned, I do not think a non-disabled Jude would truly be Jude. I’d love to be proven wrong so will do a bit of reading and will talk to some of the Facebook group members and report back on here. I may even angle for an interview with one or two of them.

With my skeptical hat on once more, do these people cure them or do they give the child so much attention through therapy that an improvement is witnessed and through blind hope and commitment to the achievements they have promised and preached to all, they claim a cure? I’m tempted to follow a programme, just to see if it is possible to ease the symptoms of autism. But saying that, Jude isn’t purely autistic (he’s not even diagnosed as autistic yet!) so would the expectations be lessened? Would just the autistic elements be affected? I will enquire and come back to you on this one…

When I imagine people curing disabled people, the immature part of my brain kicks in and I see preachers jumping around in front of a packed, baying church, flicking water and yelling “RID THYSELF” with dramatic background organ music. Or some big collared dude with a hand on a poor persons forehead, mumbling a spell to rid them of their evilness.


You would run a mile from this guy, right?

Ok, grow up Alice. I have found a few interesting articles and organisations citing information on curing autism. And whilst I jest throughout this entire post, it is purely through ignorance and from a massive lack of experience of the whole situation. My nearest understanding comes from regularly taking Jude to see a Homeopath several years back. This was more for his eczema and hyperactivity but I didn’t find it amazingly successful. This is not me rebuking complementary medicine, I absolutely love it and actually veer towards natural medicines and remedying ailments through food, essential oils and herbs rather than running to the doctor for another dose of antibiotics. This experience of homeopathy merely did not work for us. I may find another homeopath for Jude actually, just as a general support. And me for stress.

Have a look at these – there are lots more but it may get a bit overkill…

The National Autism Society has a bit about causes and cures – http://www.autism.org.uk/about/what-is/causes.aspx

An organisation dedicated to treating autism through healing biomedical issues in the body – http://treatingautism.org.uk/our-approach/beginners-guide/

A kind of American version discussing stem cell therapy – http://www.startstemcells.com/autism-treatment-therapy.html?gclid=COmP_fmH3M0CFeEp0wodrocCQQ

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