Forward Steps…

I had two fabulous phone calls on Friday regarding Jude. Firstly, my lovely contact at the Special Yoga Foundation called to see if she could come over for a meeting this week to discuss the possibility of practising yoga with Jude on a one to one basis to start with (possibly move into a group at a later date). It would be at home, after school so possible the best scenario all round. It’s so amazing when, for once, you find an organisation that doesn’t need chasing all the time and actually calls you when they say they will. I could honestly have cried with the sheer relief of someone trying to help us for once rather than that feeling of constantly begging and wondering if maybe I am asking too much. They have been nothing but amazing so far and yes, I know I will be paying for it so obviously they are going to encourage custom BUT they clearly care. It’s just such a humbling and somewhat an alien situation to be in.




I want to turn this little scrawny, raging ball of energy into….



A chilled out Zen Master.




Good luck Special Yoga Foundation!


My second phone call came from the lady in the social care department of Herts Council. Yes, the same department within which my non-Social Worker is based. I think she sensed my upset and borderline hysteria last time we spoke so has suggested a meeting with a few people in her team to see what support we can outline for Jude and the rest of the family. Now, whilst this is fantastic, it hasn’t come without a fight. I’m also not deluded into thinking this will act as a promise of any extras on top of our fantastic 95 hours a year we currently stand with (I have to pay towards them).


Aren’t I just Little Miss Positivity today?!


No, I’m feeling crap. I know it’s fantastic that I have these two meetings this week and honestly, I do feel like we are taking forward steps in terms of support for Jude but I’m struggling under this convoluted, ever expanding spiral of responsibility that I consistently increase in complexity and volume. I feel slightly better about life in general this week  thanks to my new list-writing habit but nevertheless I’m still massively stressed and worried all the time, I think because I just have too much going on in my life. I take too much on. I know I do and this is something I really need to work on.


BUT for now I’m excited as to how yoga can potentially enhance Jude’s life and also what the council may offer me in terms of help. If I were to vocalise my ideal scenario, they would allow Jude a weekly half day session with his Support Worker plus the occasion overnight visit to Jubilee House. I know younger children that do overnight stays at a respite centre and I’m certain that Jude would have an amazingly, fun experience with them, but we’ll see…I don’t want to jump the gun at all.


A xx

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