End of the week

Jude won’t wear socks. What is wrong with socks?!?! He also won’t wear a jacket unless it’s done up. Same goes for a zip up hoody, if it’s not zipped up he won’t wear it. Strange child. He has a real thing for clothes and loves a good pair of shoes haha Boy after my own heart.

So, it’s Friday. Most people are relieved but we have a Jude to entertain all weekend which isn’t always entirely simple. Having a bit of a moral dilemma at the moment as Jude isn’t taking to our new routine of me going to work 3 days a week. He literally has no idea where I have gone and apparently asks where mummy is right up until his school bus arrives. His behaviour has got worse as a consequence and I’m thinking that it may be better if I don’t have such a stressful job to contend with. It made me think about what other parents of disabled children do for work. Children who can’t go into an after school club because there either isn’t one (like at Jude’s school) or they just aren’t suitable. Similarly summer holidays, Easter holidays, etc are a nightmare for childcare if you have a disabled child as the few clubs that do exist are often for shorter days that don’t cover work hours. There is a scary statistic that 4 in every 10 disabled children live in poverty (http://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/what-we-do/policy-and-lobbying/child-poverty/disabled-children-and-poverty-0)┬áThe government intend to eradicate poverty amongst disabled children by 2020 but what exactly are they doing? They only have 4 years left! We far from live in poverty, however I do encounter the problems of many other parents of disabled children, for example, working in an area that allows only term time employment and part time so I’m home for him as much as possible. Well, this doesn’t seem to be working now so I’m going to have to attempt to find another option….


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