Dental nightmare

So…Wednesday we went to a large dental hospital in London full of expectation that they would be able to cope with Jude and his serious dislike of people touching his mouth. The dentist wasable to get a peak at his teeth but when it came to having an x ray, we had to admit defeat. Does anyone have any good experience of visiting dentists with a disabled child? Our problem was that Jude doesn’t understand what they are doing so kind of freaks out. I will investigate useful links and products for this but we were recommended just to visit our dentist more often than normal so it becomes a familiarity.


Found some links…


American but maybe useful (I haven’t read it yet)


  • Rachel keir on

    Hi Alice

    I hope you remember me- I am Naomi’s mum and also a local Harpenden dentist.

    I have just been reading your blog and wonder if I could offer you some advice re Jude’s teeth?

    I don’t know what routes you have already tried but I hope this information is of some help to you.

    Jude would definitely be able to seen by the community dental services who provide dental care for children and adults with additional needs, mobility issues and access needs as well as medically compromised patients. If it would help to chat on the phone please do feel free to give me a call. They have clinics in Luton and also a clinic at the red house. One of my colleagues and a friend is a senior dental officer in Luton and I know she would help you to find a way forward for Jude. He may well benefit from many and frequent “acclimataisation” appointments and they are normally very happy to do that as well as being equipped and trained to provide dental care under sedation etc.
    Do feel free to give me a call or message me if I can be of help as if needed I would be happy to arrange a referral for you.
    Take care and best wishes

    • alicesoule on

      Hi Rachel. Thanks so much for that, I’ll investigate all of it. Our dentist mentioned having lots of extra appointments to make it more normal but the sedation is definitely something I’d be interested in. I hope you all, especially Naomi are well. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you before, life with a baby took over everything! Best wishes, Alice x

  • Catherine on

    Hi, toothbeary in Richmond may be worth looking at. We go there for specialist treatment and they are brilliant with my son. It is children only and have chatted to a few parents of autistic children who go there specifically x

    • alicesoule on

      Oh fab, thanks for that. I’ll have a look x

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