Council law firm

So, I don’t have anything interesting to write about Jude this week…he’s happy back at school, absolutely loved forest school last week and keeps asking me if jelly beans are good for you…not entirely sure where he got jelly beans from but I have an inkling…

Anyway, a friend of mine brought something to my attention this week and it made me feel so sad. It’s an article about the law firm Baker Small who seem to take great pride in “winning” cases for local authorities, meaning hard up families, struggling with a disabled child lose out on some well needed and deserved support. The firm have even been reported as gloating about it on Twitter. Nice. Anyway, here is the article for those of you who haven’t seen it in the papers and for my friends abroad who are interested.

This is what we have to fight against. Why is it such a battle to get support for our disabled children? Why are they and their families not a priority for Local Authorities? It upsets me so much that parents and family members┬áless able to argue and communicate effectively with Local Authorities will just be dismissed and subsequently left to fend for themselves. It has taken a LOT of effort on my part just to get Jude a few hours with Jade and therefore, us a few hours respite. I feel for those people desperate for help but not able to get any because of criteria and spending limits. I know that feeling of absolute desperation, isolation and hopelessness and it’s horrendous. Just a bit of recognition from the council, a few hours support or even access to a club for your child would make a world of difference but instead they fight you for every crumb of hope.

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