The difference between spontaneity and stupidity

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Now, please don’t read this blog post expecting a scientifically based comparison of spontaneity vs stupidity. Actually thinking about it, there may be a slight irony in the title that I hurriedly chose last night whilst sitting in bed. Typed it out and done. Spontaneity in action!


Definition of spontaneous: performed or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

Definition of stupid: having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

Now looking at the comparisons above, you can see there is a very clear distinction between the two however, in practice, there is often a minute, wafer thin line between these phenomenons.


Are you a spontaneous person? I think I am. Or I would be more so if I was just responsible for myself alone. I think I’m also a bit stupid at times…perhaps a mixture of the two. Can I just be spontaneously stupid?

Having the children means I often have to plan a bit more than I’d like to…especially with Jude. But instinctively, when I decide I want to do something, I don’t see why there is any need to wait and I can never see any flaws in my suggestions. Why wait?! In my mind, you don’t know what will happen in the near future so if something inspires you then go for it. I know this isn’t always possible but I’m pretty much as far from a spreadsheet loving, facilitator of ordered schedules as you can get. It’s my character flaw.


So let’s have some examples…

Changing your daily routine – spontaneous and often a good thing so you don’t become stuck in a rut.


Ranting over the internetstupid and typically a result of instinctual rage. Not wise at all.


Randomly unplanned picnic in the park – spontaneous and fun for all.


Impulse buying a dress you know you’ll never wear but loved anyway – hmmm I don’t know where this one lies, maybe central, wobbling on the fence.


Buying your beautiful wife a lovely gift during your lunch break because you adore her so muchspontaneous and always appreciated.


Promising your child they can have whatever they want tomorrow if they just go to sleepstupidity as you know it’ll bite you on the backside as soon as you wake up in the morning.


Random last minute trip to Scotland booked for myself and the three children – spontaneous and potentially awesome! Yes! Last night, I decided that I’d like to take the children up to Scotland, to my spiritual home and I’m really looking forward to it. Joe thinks I’m a bit crazy going solo but I can’t see there being any real problems. We have a cute little apartment overlooking a park on the outskirts of Edinburgh and I’m sure that a north of the border April will bring us nothing but beaming sunshine for the duration. Jude will be angelic, Emmeline won’t tantrum because something she assumes is hers (everything) isn’t actually so and Elsa will rein in the pre-teen vileness.



What could possibly go wrong?!


So come on…I want to hear your examples of spontaneity and stupidity. We can swap if you like. I have many of both.

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