Ibiza Dreaming…

I promise this is the last time I bang on about our holiday. Be grateful we only go away once a year!

So we’re home again. Back to normal. Only with three extra tons of washing to get through. Joy.

Our flight home was a bit of a pain because of delays but thankfully Ibiza airport is lovely and we had plenty to do.


So what did we get up to whilst away?

Well, we went to the beach. And ummm…ate quite a bit. We wandered around our local town of Santa Eularia which is just divine with plenty of restaurants, a couple of pedestrianised squares with fountains, market stalls and even a little park area.


I turn a bit snob-like on holiday and try to pretend I’m not British. Why do we always stick out like a sore thumb? Oh look there’s a Brit, you can hardly see her for sun cream. Oh look there’s a Brit, she forgot the sun cream for five minutes and now looks as red as a cooked lobster. Oh look there’s a Brit, he’s wearing a white vest and hideous flip-flops. Ok not all flip-flops are hideous but some really should be banished forever.

Ok snob part over.


Sadly, I didn’t really practice my Spanish because I don’t feel very confident yet. I asked for a few things in a cafe but conversation is still waaaay too scary. Thankfully, Ibizans are like many smart Europeans and they speak pretty good English. How embarrassing. I’ve promised myself I’ll at least be at a conversational Spanish level by the time we revisit this gorgeous place. And we will because it’s truly a special little jewel in the Med.


But enough of that…here are some photos.

We stayed in a shack in the woods. No joke, it’s literally a massive shed with lots of pretty flowers and crickets chirping all around it!







Where Emmeline discovered that lizards absolutely love watermelon.


We had quite the colony turning up every time we were back home.



My bikini is from Hunkemoller and I absolutely love it. It’s from the Doutzen Summer Stories range – yes the model – and all the pieces are really simple and beautiful. So no, this is as close up as you’ll get of me in it! Click here to see the range, it’s gorgeous and really comfortable. Sale has just started as well, I think.



Elsa swimming – she spent the vast majority of her time swimming in the sea.



The sea is crystal clear and the sand perfect for sandcastle making!












We had gorgeous evenings wandering around the port and street market.








There was a hippy dude with a humungous, child-attracting bubble net. This photo was taken minutes before Emmeline took out the cute little girl in the white skirt to get to a bubble first. I made her apologise…they spoke English to us of course. #stupidenglishpeople


Hanging around town on our last day before the flight home.






It was a lovely trip, the girls had so much fun so I’m really glad we gave them this experience. Hiring a car was fantastic because it meant we got to try out different beaches. We all had our favourites 🙂


Are you off on holiday this summer?




*My bikini was gifted to me. I still love it. It didn’t make me feel awkward so it must have some sort of magical power.



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