Going away without your child

So, I took the girls to Bournemouth for a few days this week and it was fab. They had so much fun at the seaside, wandering round the shops and just chilling in the sunshine. I loved it too. For the first time this year, I felt relaxed. It’s been a bit of a traumatic year for various reasons and I was starting to feel the effects of stress in a physical way as well as just the daily headaches/nausea. Not good I know but all the more reason to take a few days out by the sea.


Obviously, Jude didn’t come with us. Yes, he’s still at school for a few more weeks but I intentionally take the girls away this week each year. Last year to Ibiza and the year before to France. We’ve also been to New York at Christmas before Jude has broken up. It’s difficult. And I know some people feel I shouldn’t leave Jude out but the rest of the family have needs too and I can’t prioritise Jude over the girls all the time.


I have that constant thought at the back of my mind that something is missing when I take them away without Jude. It’s not a nice feeling. One that makes me feel guilty – the usual “what if he could have coped with this” internal conversation. But then reality hits me and I see the girls playing together and I realise I did the right thing. The same with Ibiza last year – to be in a different country to your child is a very weird and almost anxiety inducing feeling. I can’t get to him if he needs me. What if something happens? I guess that’s just normal maternal instinct.


I’m taking the three children away for a few days at the end of August so hopefully that will be lots of fun. Another British beach visit but one I’ve customised around Jude. I know the girls will love it (Elsa helped me book it whilst we were in Bournemouth!) but hopefully so will Jude. One day he may be able to travel the world (I have ambitions of touring Europe with him in a camper van!) but for now, we’ll keep it simple.


In the meantime, here are some pictures from our Bournemouth weekend.


We visited several vegan restaurants including Dirty Vegans, Mad Cucumber and Thrive.

Elsa sitting in front of the Dirty Vegans graffiti

We ate a LOT of food
Emmeline eating a burger



Breakfast rules went out of the window…

Chocolate covered waffles


I want this on our wall at home!


We played on the beach

Girls burying their legs in the sand


Emmeline with legs buried in the sand


Elsa swam in the ice water brrrrr

Elsa in the sea on her inflatable doughnut


Elsa standing by the flipflop shower


Sibling relations were challenged…


And I saw Elsa 7 years into the future…

Elsa drinking two drinks at once


We visited beautiful Boscombe on the last day


Overall, we had a fab time and I can’t wait to visit again some day <3


Do you have any trips planned this summer?









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