Tuesday with Jade

So Jude went out with Jade after school on Tuesday. She picked him up and gave him a choice of going to Peartree (Jubilee House) and just chilling, playing games, etc. or going bowling. He chose bowling. We’ve been once before and he actually quite enjoyed it so I’m glad he opted for that again. Anyway, they had a lovely time and even went for a (veggie) burger and chips (he didn’t eat it though!) afterwards which is great as I really want him to start doing “normal” things that children heading towards their teen years do. I think it was a lot for him to take in; he is used to coming home straight from school, watching tv and playing with his toys in his room but as I mentioned before, to get his brain working we need to expand his horizons occasionally. By 6pm he asked to come home so Jade drove him back.

I’m so proud that he managed a whole after school activity plus dinner without freaking out. He was exhausted when he got home so literally went straight to bed but that’s good as it means it got his brain working. Next visit to Jubilee House is at the end of the half term holiday for 3 hours so he’s looking forward to that. I’m still waiting to hear if we have the extended yearly hours but I really hope we have as it’s just so amazing for him. He behaves very baby-like and I think it’s because he has never socialised properly like a 10 year old does and doesn’t have many socially focused role models. All my hope is in Jubilee House and so far, with just two visits under our belt, I’m so so happy with it all.

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