It’s a miracle!!!

So, after months of whinging and hassling my Social Worker, he has finally contacted me! Jude’s “case” is going to panel and hopefully his 40 hours a year will increase to 95 hours, meaning he can go to Jubilee House for 3 1/2 hours every fortnight. I can’t believe how excited he is about that place. Literally every morning he asks if Jade is coming to collect him after school…He’s booked in to go back in the half term for a few hours one day so that’s all cool.


Jude also got an award for swimming at school last week, he was very proud of himself.

All of a sudden he seems to have changed again…I think he’s grown and facially he seems a lot older. It has made me realise that very soon he will be a teenager and I’m so thankful (to myself ha!) that I have started putting things in place for him so he isn’t bored and can learn and socialise week to week. If the 95 hours works out well then hopefully we can slowly increase it and maybe add the occasional overnight stay. I’m going to look into other activities over the summer as Jude’s social side seems to be coming out and his confidence is growing Yayyy

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