First visit

So Jude went for a visit to Jubilee House yesterday with his new buddy Jade (Jade and Jude, match made in heaven!) and he loved it. Slightly reluctant at first, but I think this was because of the anticipation of Jade arriving and not really knowing what to expect other than what I had explained to him.  Apparently, Jude chose to stay in the office for a while as it was quieter but then he went out to the garden with everyone else and actually, off his own back, went and chatted to some of the other children!! Miracle! I want to meet this social, quiet child because he doesn’t live here! How is it that children are so different at school/elsewhere than they are at home?! I’ve heard crazy stories in the past of Elsa offering to sweep the floor for some of her friends parents on playdates. This is a girl who invariably groans at you if you ask her to put a plate in the sink.

Anyway, so now I know that Jude enjoyed his time at Jubilee House (he came home asking if he can go back again soon) and he has benefitted from it (so far, socially) I will be pursuing my Social Worker even more. This guy has STILL not got back to me following his “assessment of needs” write up was returned to him with some comments and additional notes from myself. I’m convinced I have scared him off…but I’m hoping this will also encourage him to give us what we want in terms of hours allocated with Jade and the Jubilee Crew.


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