I thought it would be great to list all the organisations and charities that I feel have a useful place in society. Either we use them regularly, have been supported by them or I just think they are unique and potentially fab at helping families with a disabled child.



What a fabulous charity. They support thousands of children and families annually to live as happy and content life as possible. Please have a look at their website, their staff and ethos is just fantastic. www.happydayscharity.org


Kidz Central

A fairly new but fantastically well run organisation that provides a database of all activities, party organisers and summer camp ideas for children. You simply put in a few key words and then receive lots of potential activities or teams for your child to join. Booking is easy and all done through the Kidz Central website. What I particularly love is the amount of clubs and activities they have specifically for disabled children. www.kidzcentral.co.uk




My secret favourite place in the whole world. What can I say? Jubilee House is Jude’s haven, his calm place and somewhere he can go and be himself without judgement. www.jubileehouse.com




It’s only because of this charity that we managed to get Jude any one to one Support Worker hours, or provide him access to Jubilee House. I have made a fabulous contact at Kids and feel indebted to her and her patience following her “idiot guide” explanation of how I could go about getting Jude some of the things he needs. She really was patient with me and my lack of understanding! www.kids.org.uk/hub