So I met this really lovely lady back in the summer at a blogger event and we hit it off straight away. There was me, very new to the world of blogging and here was Pippa, winning awards and being all professional with her work…oh how intimidated was I!?   Anyway, she writes this fabulous […]

Food and nutrition is always a big interest for me and in particular, I have an unnaturally ardent obsession with what people put inside packed lunch boxes for their children. I have touched on nutrition recently, in particular the possible vitamin deficiencies in learning disabled and autistic children (which I will write more about that tomorrow) however, […]

I’m not sure why it bothers or surprises me but up until Jude went out for dinner with his father this evening, he had eaten an entirely gluten free diet for a week. My intentions were to give him a totally gluten free diet for a month and then see if there is an improvement […]

Food and diet. It’s a very important topic of conversation for me and even more so because of Jude’s disabilities. Since he was tiny, I have gradually become more and more aware of the benefits of a plant-based, healthy diet particularly for growing minds and bodies and especially those minds and bodies who are struggling a […]

It has taken me a while but at last I am going to discuss my favourite topic in the whole world. FOOD! As my friends know, I am very passionate about healthy eating and have lived my life meat-free (and subsequently) dairy-free since I was a young girl. I’m not going to go into a […]


By far Jude’s favourite thing in the world is food. However, he has really strange taste. Jude’s favourite things include beans (green beans, kidney beans, butter beans, literally any type!) He also, weirdly, loves mushrooms, asparagus and plain pasta. When I say he loves them, I mean he could literally sit and eat a huge […]