I had one of those weird scenarios a couple of days ago where you read an article on a regularly frequented website  and you realise that you have been investigating exactly the same thing they have! The topic I was looking in to for Jude was yoga and the article I happened upon was on […]

I remember taking Jude to some wonderful horse riding lessons when he was about 5. He had sessions with the lovely people from Riding for the Disabled, a charity that mostly uses volunteers, offering disabled children the opportunity to learn to ride a horse without any judgement, with better equipment to suit the variety of disabilities and all […]

A short video with a few notes of advice for anyone finding themselves in a situation where they are struggling to work out what to do in regard to social care for their disabled child. These past few weeks, several people have asked me what the first things were that I did in order to […]

I had a very interesting conversation yesterday afternoon with a lady from the council. She works within the Educational Psychology team but was given my message because no-one in the Social Care department was available, or perhaps they just had no clue as to what to say to me (I assume) and were hiding under […]

Today I won £500! Ok, not really. I’ve never won anything monetary in my life. BUT remember a while ago I applied for a Family Fund grant to buy Jude a load of exciting stuff to turn his bedroom into a sensory room!? Well, today they emailed me with my codes to buy all the bits […]


Nothing massively interesting to talk about today but I’m feeling quite productive because today I contacted the Sibs charity to find support for Elsa, emailed Jude’s school offering my help in anyway that may be useful and registered Jude onto some SNAP summer holiday days (http://www.stalbansmencap.org.uk/snap-home/4577429430). SNAP is a branch of Mencap and they run […]

So hilariously, Jude went off to play mini golf last night with Jade and one other boy who was a few years older and he had a great time! I wish I was a fly on the wall because Jade reported back how chatty and social Jude was and I’d really love to see this. […]

So Jude went out with Jade after school on Tuesday. She picked him up and gave him a choice of going to Peartree (Jubilee House) and just chilling, playing games, etc. or going bowling. He chose bowling. We’ve been once before and he actually quite enjoyed it so I’m glad he opted for that again. […]