Once upon a time…


…there was a young boy called Jude. Jude lived in a small terraced house with his parents and two younger sisters, Elsa and Emmeline. He was happy but sometimes found his family confusing. They would rush around everywhere, shouting up and down the stairs. There was always something going on, someone coming to visit, a reason mum had to go to the supermarket AGAIN. How can she forget so many things?

“Mum, I can’t find any socks!”

“Ok, I’m coming!”

“Elsa, hurry up or you’ll be late for bassoon!”


Jude and Emmeline sat cuddle up on the couch in their pyjamas and comfy socks, sharing a bowl of chopped up red grapes. The living fire was burning and Jude loved to watch the blending colours move around, swirling into patterns, flames licking the walls of its black iron enclosure. Jude was mesmerised. Every so often the wood cracked loudly and he and Emmeline would look at one another and laugh together. They loved funny noises, it was something no one else in the family seemed to get quite like Emmeline did. They both carried on staring and eating contentedly.


Elsa blurred past their vision, momentarily disturbing any concentration on the fire. They both looked after her then almost in tandem back to the serenity of the fire. “Bye guys!” Elsa shouted, again running past in the opposite direction. There was another bang and then silence. This time marking their sisters exit out the front door for her music lesson.


“Right, shall we get dressed and do something fun?”¬†Mum had suddenly appeared in the room with an over expressive smile on her face that suggested she wanted us to go out somewhere. Out. As in out into town or to the park. But mum know what Jude was thinking.

And she was right...”I don’t like it. The mess of random noises, it smells funny, I don’t know if we’ll ever come home again” are all complaints Jude has made to himself in the past. However he’s never told anyone using words. He doesn’t really know how to but he knows that they understand how he feels.

Yet, it didn’t stop mum persisting each weekend.

“Let’s go to the park!” Emmeline loudly sang back to mum whilst bouncing up and down on the previously peaceful couch situation.

“Yay yay yay” Emmeline continued to bounce crazily and then ran upstairs to get dressed.

“Traitor. I thought she was my friend,”¬†thought Jude.


Jude didn’t move, legs huddled up against his chest, peaking over the top of his knees. He thought that if he stayed really still then mum would go out with Emmeline and just leave him in peace.

“Come on Jude, it’ll be fun. We can go and get a treat in town after the park.”


It was too much for him, Jude had to get away. He could feel the tension rising and knew that the only safe place is his bedroom. In a flash, he stood up and pushed past mum, shouting “No!” whilst hurtling up the stairs. Door firmly shut behind him, Jude slumped down against his door and gently banged his head rhythmically against the wood. It helped ease his mind. He had to escape from the trauma that was building up inside him and only he knew the best way to do this. Jude stopped the drumming on the door and slowly slid on his tummy towards his bed. He peaked under, swooshing away the toys and crumbs laying in his path. He could see a glimmer of blue light in the corner where he likes to keep his papers and lego blogs. Head and shoulders now under the bed, the light began to grow bigger, like a rising sun in the morning. Jude touched the glow and could sense the warmth, the peacefulness seeping into his body…where would it take him today? He knew really but often joked to himself that one day he’d change it.


Through he drifted, sliding downwards on the pillow of light. Arms out stretched, wind ruffling his hair, Jude glided blissfully into the magical world he’d kept secret his whole life…


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