My night at the BAPS Awards

I don’t often write about blog events that I attend but this one really blew me away. The BAPS – short for Bloody Awesome Parents is organised by two organisations: My Family Our Needs and Bringing us together and was held on the 17th May in Coventry.


As you may remember, I was nominated in the category of “most supportive blogger” and somehow made it through to the final four! Well…I didn’t win BUT I had an absolutely awesome night with some truly fantastic people. I wanted to share some photos and highlights with you from the evening.


My certificate 🙂


My date for the night was the beautiful Jenni who blogs at Chilling with Lucas. I’ve known Jenni for a couple of years now and we always have a really good laugh when we’re together. Perfecto date really.



The evening began at 6.30 with a drinks reception. It’s always great to pace yourself when you potentially have to go up and collect an award from a famous presenter but un-deterred, I quickly inhaled two glasses of prosecco before realising I’d barely eaten anything all afternoon (half a packet of tiffin cakes in the car on the way up) and a banana for lunch.



It was so lovely chatting to everyone during the reception. A sea of new faces and just as many names you recognised but hadn’t previously met in person. I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. You could literally turn around and smile at the person behind you and soon enough, you’d be chatting away.


Jenni and I found our table and we were thankful that again, everyone we were sitting with was so lovely.


Here is one of the gorgeous goody bags on our table 🙂


The awards started at 7.30 with an introduction and welcome by Debs from Bringing us together and then the microphone was handed over to the presenter for the night, Gethin Jones. Right from the start, he was really funny. But what was most fantastic about his presentation was that he had clearly spent time reading all the winning blogs before the day had even started. He knew these people prior to them even walking up on to the stage and his relaxed, chatty approach to presenting the awards showed he genuinely took an interest in what we all represent as bloggers. Everyone who was up for nomination at the BAPS blogs about SEND topics and I think it made the whole evening extra special knowing that we were in a room full of people who vaguely comprehend what everyone is going through. Obviously, each situation is different but that general feeling of support was so apparent amongst each table. Geth’s connection to our world is through his nephews and it was endearing to hear him talk so fondly of the precious time he spends with them.



My category was last to be announced which was unfortunately pretty much exactly when the two glasses of prosecco really kicked in (pathetic I know). I was temporarily grateful I didn’t have to stand up and walk in a straight line, in heels. Walk in a straight line in heels UP onto a stage. Walk in a straight line, in heels, up onto a stage and towards someone who looks like Gethin Jones. As this would have been waaaaay too much for me. Is it bad I was momentarily glad my name wasn’t called?! This moment passed and yes, I was a little disappointed but not surprised at all because the guy who won writes a very popular and inspiring blog. Next year, what do you think?


Post awards and we all relaxed, had a really nice dinner and hit the bar.


This was the scene we left when Jenni and I decided to call it a night:

I’d love to know how this lot were feeling this morning!


One funny moment was when it was announced that the most prolific tweeter, using the hashtag #BAPSAwards would win a £30 token behind the bar which Geth (he doesn’t like Gethin) said he would up to £60. Jenni was on it….tweeting any crap she could think of. She took pictures of our food, the table, retweeted everyone’s tweets, tweeted me, anyone sitting near us. BUT, slightly more crafty was our friend Marc who was sitting directly opposite Jenny and I. Whilst we chatted away socially, he didn’t bother with any of that crap, preferring to go for the win, head down and not looking up from Twitter! Marc was announced the winner and he generously bought everyone at our table drinks until the £60 was used up. It didn’t take us long…


There were screens all around the room with heart-warming quotes as to why each of the finalists had been voted for. This was written about me by someone. Was it you? I have no idea but thank you, it’s so nice to read…

If you can’t decipher my blurry photo (blame Marc), it says:

“Alice is a very inspirational woman. I really enjoy reading about her life with jude. I know friends of mine who also have children with SEN have found her writing to be especially helpful. She goes out of her way to give people advice based on her experiences.”

How nice is that?


Anyway, the awards was a fantastic night. I was so proud to be a finalist and to have my name and blog associated with such a wonderfully inspiring event. I’m looking forward to next year already.


Not the best picture of two women who have drunk clearly far too much vodka (I again blame Marc and his bloody bar voucher!) but hey, it was nice to get a photo with our presenter for the night.


Thanks to everyone who voted for me, you got me to the finals and that is just so awesome <3

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