Decorating Jude’s bedroom – part one


I dropped Jude at school today for his last settling in session. He was SO excited to be there, leapt out the car and strode in confidently with a huge grin on his face. I’m so proud of him. He has taken this all so well. He keeps asking if he’s going to sleep at his school next week and when I say yes, he smiles. I’m not sure he understands that it will be every night but hopefully the first experience will be so wonderful, he’ll be happy with the prospect of another sleep over.


So I have started decorating Jude’s bedroom. The school painter and decorator has given the walls a beautiful blue and light pink covering which are the shades Jude requested. He chose well!


Today, all I did was tune in his radio and stick a few framed photos on the wall – Jude absolutely adores looking at photographs so I want to fill his room with familiar happy faces and images of places he feels most content. I have only put four frames up so far but I have about another eight or nine for his “art gallery” wall. I’ve also made a photo album with pictures of his sisters, us, the garden, Granny and Grandad and of course…the lined up chairs in their garden! He laughed out loud when I showed him that one in particular!


Here are some images of his room so far…


In the far left cupboard is a vanity unit and washing basket so he can have a wash and do his teeth each morning when he gets up.


His room is really big! It’s bigger than his room at home and as you can see I haven’t brought a duvet and pillow up for him yet.


Bit of a dark picture but the sun was shining through the corner window so I couldn’t get a decent shot! This end wall is going to house loads of framed photos. As I said, Jude loves looking at pictures so this will be his art gallery wall. We’ll add the occasional painting from Emmeline as well.


Here are some of the photos I have still to frame. Not necessarily the best pictures in the world but I wanted ones that would be really emotive for him. Ones that would invoke feelings of happiness and contentment. Within his photo album are loads more than he can flick through every so often.


So that’s it for now. Thursday when I drop him off, I’ll nip up to his room and hang his clothes, make his bed and finish sticking pictures up. It’s beginning to look so beautiful and very “Jude” which is exactly how I want it.


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