Carers Week


Today has been my first day sans les enfants since the middle of March. It’s been so peaceful but typically, the hours have whizzed by.



Are things going back to normal? I don’t know. I never watch or read the news, don’t take anyones opinions as gospel and have spent the last few months just residing inside my familial bubble, taking care of the crew and getting by the best we can. I’m not sure I’ve done an amazing job but everyone seems to have coped, just about.


I’m now craving the things I miss most from my normal. For example, I miss the gym so much. My god, it’s going to hurt when I do eventually lift another weight in that place. But I can’t wait to feel the pain again.

Holidays – desperate to book a weekend away somewhere. I know it will come eventually so can’t complain.


Carers Week

Do you know that this week is Carers week? I think it’s hugely important to highlight the amazing work carers of special needs children and adults do with very little recognition or support from Local Authorities or indeed our government. Caring of course doesn’t just mean for those with special needs, however that is where I have my experience and can therefore empathise the most. Carers Week is here to remind us of the challenges¬†and contributions that every carer in the country makes to so many families and communities throughout the UK.

I will never tire of hearing your stories. Thank you for contacting me when you’ve needed a rant or even just to say hello. I’m in awe at the amount some of you cope with and how the love for your families overrides anything else around you.

Carers week has given an amazing statistic that an additional 4.5million people have become unpaid carers since the start of Covid-19. 4.5 million! The exhaustion and relentless nature of caring cannot be emphasised enough. If you are interested in reading more about Carers Week then take a look at the link above or if you missed that one then here it is again.



I have been quite reflective this week, possibly because of it being Carers Week. Three years ago Jude was out of school, having been pulled (by me) prematurely from the local special needs school that tried to demonise his every move. His behaviour was horrific and getting through the day and night was at worst torturous and at best, manageable. I recognise how lucky we are that Jude has now settled a great deal thanks to his wonderful school and caring support team at his school house.

But equally, I know that many of you remain in that state of “coping”. It can be awful. I’ve felt those moments of not knowing if you can even go on another day. If ever I can help anyone finding support for your family or even with paperwork, understanding communications, etc. then please let me know. Finding adequate support for your child as well as YOU (because you are important too) is often a very complex process. I know this well…remember this rant? Ha!


Anyway, much love to all you carers out there xx


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