“All Jude wants for Christmaaaas is chocolate!”

It’s that time of year again when Christmas shopping dominates many conversations and we start to search our brains for ideas of what to get Jude.

Jude isn’t your typical child who loves to receive toys and the the latest fad gadget. He doesn’t play with things “properly”, doesn’t really understand most activities aimed at children his age or even a lot younger. BUT there are plenty of things he does like…here are some of the things we intend to ask Father Christmas for this year!



Do you remember I bought him two pairs in quick succession about a year ago, both getting destroyed in equally quick succession? Well, back then I swore I wouldn’t replace the second pair but Jude’s in a different place emotionally and I think he’d really like them. He adores music, can listen to songs all day and I think they would help him feel safe in anxiety inducing situations. I saw this pair of Cowin E7 headphones that seems pretty popular and at £49.99 from Amazon isn’t too cheap but equally doesn’t cost the earth.


Bedding! Jude is a funny one. He trashes his room in no time at all but has always loved choosing nice things for his own space and really appreciates a new cushion arrangement (yes he’ll throw them across the room when they get in his way but he certainly gives it a second of contemplation). He chose the bedding for school and I know he loves it when we tidy his bedroom and make it all look lovely.

I’m getting this for him…it’s gorgeous, subtle but still cute. I love the fitted sheet that comes with the collection, the pattern is adorable and will go nicely in Jude’s bedroom which is predominantly blue.

This set comes from Room to Grow and costs £32 and £17.50 for the fitted sheet.


Room to Grow has some really beautiful bedroom pieces and I’m so tempted to get a few more bits from them for the girls. They sell gorgeous beds, bedroom accessories such as clocks, throws and cushions and everything is fantastic quality. If you haven’t had a look at their shop before then I really recommend it.




Strangely enough, Jude loves shoes. Trainers in particular. More recently he has been funny about having anything on his feet (I know this is a very common autism trait) but he still likes choosing footwear.

Jude needs comfort so when a shoe is awkward to put on it agitates him and he ends up refusing to wear that particular pair. It can be very frustrating! New Balance are a brand that is known for comfort and with Emmeline and Joe having a matching pair, I think we need to get Jude some too. I love these ones

They’re £64.99 which is quite a lot but seeing as Jude doesn’t often receive expensive gifts, I like to spend out on the things he genuinely likes. What do you think? They’re lovely and soft so easy to get on plus they’re super light for trainers.



Now, we know Jude has a penchant for ripping up paper and turning them into “people” for his funny little flicking game. BUT being a lover of reading, I like to update Jude’s collection of books as often as possible. I’ve seen this book which would be great to read with him – interactive, encourages him to think and communicate more thoughtfully. Any other suggestions like this that you’ve had success with? I love taking on book recommendations.


What else will we buy him…

Chocolate. The one and only thing Jude asks for each year is chocolate so let’s hope Father Christmas is feeling generous and takes a trip to Hotel Chocolat 🙂


What are you hoping for this year?



This is a collaborative post but all views are my own. I’d never endorse anything I didn’t think was awesome x


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