Organised Mess

As I child I was disgracefully messy. I didn’t notice it at the time and had no understanding of why people tidied up all the time. The way I saw it was, if it’s in the middle of the floor exactly where I dumped it then I can’t lose it, right?   Now, as an […]

  *This is a collaborative post*   Unfortunately, the vast majority of homes simply aren’t set up for people who have a physical disability. That means, if you have a family member living with you, or even one who visits regularly, you will probably have to do some work to ensure that your beautiful home […]

  Below is an article which covers a topic I’m trying hard to build into our lives. We recently went through all of our household bills and managed to cut down our monthly outgoings by a couple of hundred pounds. Things are always  tight so it’s great to keep track of what goes in and […]

So today, for the second day running I am sat here, trying to get through to someone, ANYONE who can help me within the council. Like an army barricaded road, I’m having to nit pick my way through the various strains of departments, individuals, supervisors, call handlers just to find that magical person who knows […]

I promise not to harp on about our dog too often, it isn’t what this blog is about but as you know I’m very much into animal welfare so it’s only right I explain where our newest family member hails from.     We have wanted to adopt a dog for a while now but […]