Yesterday, Jude went back to school after what felt like the world’s longest ever school holiday. Honestly, I can barely remember last term, it feels like a lifetime ago plus I think my brain has burnt out a lot of distressing memories to preserve any sanity that is still intact.   BUT, he didn’t go without a bang. […]

I think the lack of holidays over the last few years has made me crave travelling even more than usual. When I was younger, I was completely spoilt with annual trips to some of the most beautiful places in the world. I went to St. Lucia when I was seven and stayed in the most […]

    Hannah from Hi Baby asked me to write a guest post so I chose to write about autism and fame – have a look at it HERE if you fancy a read. Her blog is fantastic, a real inspiration in many ways.   Thanks Hannah for allowing me a small space in your online world.   […]

Today, Elsa had a play date with a friend who lives quite far away and because she finds us all so embarrassing, we weren’t allowed to stay and had to make ourselves disappear for a couple of hours. Rather than get lost trying to find somewhere interesting to visit, I took Jude and Emmeline to the only […]

  I love to plan in my head and create all these wonderfully forged situations for the new year. Yes, I’m a bit of a dreamer but I’m also secretly quite ambitious so always believe I can make real my dreams. Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy wrote her wishes for the new year so I decided […]