I have been nominated by Becci from the Unnatural Mother to participate in the Blogger Uncovered challenge! I thought I would do it because like her, I have reached a milestone in blogging – MY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY      So here it is…20 facts about me.   My party trick as a […]

Book links

I thought I’d put a list of links the books I mentioned recently. They are suitable for toddlers onwards – Jude loves them all and even Elsa enjoys listening to them too. Click on the link and choose a few today. I’ll regularly add lists of books we’ve discovered so you can perhaps explore them […]

Linked post

You’ve all read most of this content before but I wrote an article at that weekend that combined a few of my posts for this lovely lady Mandi and today, she published it on her blog site!   PS Love her font style! What do you think?    

Confused about Direct Payment entitlement

I’m confused. It really doesn’t take a whole lot to achieve this but after thinking I had finally managed an element of clarity in my mind regarding social care support for Jude, I’m now back to my initial perplexity. I met a really lovely lady today and we had a fabulous conversation about our sons; they […]

I had one of those weird scenarios a couple of days ago where you read an article on a regularly frequented website  and you realise that you have been investigating exactly the same thing they have! The topic I was looking in to for Jude was yoga and the article I happened upon was on […]

Schooooolll and the Motivational Start

My prayers have been answered and the 5th September has finally been gifted to us. Hoorraahhh!!     This weekend, I was inspired by all the smug posts on Facebook about preparing uniforms in advance as well as all the images of chronologically labelled, itemised boxes containing everything each child needs beautifully adorning hallways. But then there was […]