Jude’s usual bus driver is on holiday for a few days and when this happens, the taxi firm do not seem to see the importance of maintaining a bit of consistency in who collects and brings Jude home, let alone what time they turn up. So he normally gets collected at 8.10am but this morning […]

So Elsa has broken up from school and I have already fallen into that fog of wondering what day it is! In Jude related news…following my latest email to our Social Worker, he has forwarded me onto another department because apparently, he isn’t actually my Social Worker after all. Confusing much?! Yes, he has some long, […]


Following on from discussing my favourite subject of food, I am now going to tread carefully around my second favourite topic at present. Politics. My close friends will know how incredibly disappointed I feel about us leaving the EU, in fact that Friday morning the referendum result was announce, I declared we would be upping sticks […]

Being strong

I was watching the Wimbledon finals at the weekend and during a little video collage about Serena Williams run to the final, she was heard reading a poem that apparently she likes to think of for inspiration. It’s a very beautiful but moving ode that is clearly about the repression black people felt (still feel?) and […]

It has dawned on me that I have not really explained about Jude’s disabilities and what they mean. Most people assume he is just autistic but actually I think his (still as yet undiagnosed) autism is the mildest of his issues. Jude was born with Microcephaly and as such has Global Development Delay. I had […]

It has taken me a while but at last I am going to discuss my favourite topic in the whole world. FOOD! As my friends know, I am very passionate about healthy eating and have lived my life meat-free (and subsequently) dairy-free since I was a young girl. I’m not going to go into a […]

Little Jude

Two of my favourite pictures of Jude when he was younger…      Age 1 1/2 and dressed as a bat for Halloween and the second picture was when he had just turned 3.


This morning was a difficult morning and it left me actually questioning whether I can cope with Jude at home full time any more. I think he get’s anxiety attacks when he knows something is coming up, i.e. his bus is coming to collect him, and he literally can’t cope with the wait so starts […]


Jude has overcome one of his weird behaviours…do you remember how I said he won’t shut the car door without you walking towards him (you couldn’t make this stuff up!) Well, he now shuts it without making a big deal of it. Instead, he now shuts the door and then tells you “I did it […]

I didn’t know what to write about today but then I saw an email sent to me some time ago about curing autism, offering me the chance to go to a conference on how to rid my son of his disabilities. Weirdly, I saw a post on Facebook about it this week as well. This […]