How I feel this week can be epitomised by todays plethora of stupidity. FIRST, I reburnt the finger I burnt at the weekend and which Stups the cat scratched the hell out of a few days prior. I then, on attempting to depart my favourite health food shop at lunchtime, fell over from standing on my own foot. […]


Nothing massively interesting to talk about today but I’m feeling quite productive because today I contacted the Sibs charity to find support for Elsa, emailed Jude’s school offering my help in anyway that may be useful and registered Jude onto some SNAP summer holiday days ( SNAP is a branch of Mencap and they run […]


Stress is something no-one truly understands quite like the parent(s) of a disabled child. You can be in a totally normal situation – everyone is happy and having dinner, or you’re wandering around the shops then BOOM something triggers the mother of all tantrums and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Jude has […]

As I have mentioned before, I’m a Montessori trained teacher so have a slight obsession with sensory play for young children. Same goes for children with disabilities; Jude for example has heightened sensitivity and still learns a great deal through touch, smell, etc. A few weeks ago…or maybe a month or so ago now, I […]

Over the years, Elsa and I have talked about her brother’s disabilities and what it means for him, her and us however, I have never thought that she really saw it as a big deal as to her this is just normal life. I feel awfully guilty when I think about all the things that Elsa isn’t […]

It has crossed my mind this week how polarised the level of support and wealth is between Jude’s school and most other state schools in the area. I imagine, but obviously can’t certify, that the problem is similar with other special needs schools around the country. Today, along with many other state schools in the area, […]

I have been debating the pros and cons of adopting a dog into our family and decided to do a bit of reading on the benefits of pets for disabled children. I know Jude particularly loves dogs (we have 2 cats!) and I have seen how gentle and caring he can be when around them. […]

Hot, pot.

Jude’s quarter Scottish roots are obviously pretty strong as he sounds more and more Scottish as we go on…either he listens to my mum more than me (likely) or he’s watching Balamory too much. Whenever he says the words hot or pot (or similar sounding words) they come out really Glaswegian! Pretty funny and my granny would […]

So I was thinking about Jude’s funny traits today and thought I’d write them down as no doubt in a few months he’ll have a load of new ones… When he gets out the car, he won’t shut the door himself claiming he can’t do so. The minute you start walking towards him, he shuts […]


Love this picture of the three children…Jude didn’t want a chair, he was crouching, as usual, like a little owl.