So Jude went out with Jade after school on Tuesday. She picked him up and gave him a choice of going to Peartree (Jubilee House) and just chilling, playing games, etc. or going bowling. He chose bowling. We’ve been once before and he actually quite enjoyed it so I’m glad he opted for that again. […]

I think when it comes to experiences, it’s instinctive in us to stick within realms of considered safety. Elsa, is a total creature of habit and even little things like the bus changing it’s pick up point gave her a slight panic to begin with. My attempts at giving Jude real life experiences have been […]

One of Jude’s learnt phases from school but one that is very relevant today. He has suddenly developed a great love of all things literacy and practises writing every day at school. In his book bag this afternoon I found something amazing…Jude managed to write his own name, entirely unaided! Doesn’t seem a big deal but […]

So, after months of whinging and hassling my Social Worker, he has finally contacted me! Jude’s “case” is going to panel and hopefully his 40 hours a year will increase to 95 hours, meaning he can go to Jubilee House for 3 1/2 hours every fortnight. I can’t believe how excited he is about that […]

So Jude went for a visit to Jubilee House yesterday with his new buddy Jade (Jade and Jude, match made in heaven!) and he loved it. Slightly reluctant at first, but I think this was because of the anticipation of Jade arriving and not really knowing what to expect other than what I had explained to […]


I have been incredibly stressed recently. Day to day life can be challenging and in particular if you have a disabled child (and a crazy 9 month old baby). Not only are activities that most people consider fairly standard a massive challenge some days (i.e. putting on shoes and getting in the car!) but there is […]