So Jude has been saying a few funny things recently but the one that makes me laugh the most is when you ask him a question, he always replies “I choose yes” or “I choose orange juice” depending on the question (obviously). At school they have been trying to encourage him to think for himself […]

So, I met a fab lady today. She works for an organisation call Jubilee House which offers support, one to one care, respite, day trips out, etc. for children with disabilities. They have an adult section too which was borne out of many of the children in their care not wanting to leave! Jude has […]


I have been let down massively by our county council. They never respond, lack any sort of supporting ability and continuously behave as if I’m asking for something amazing rather than just a few hours one to one support for Jude. BUT my continuous shining light comes from Kids Hub. An amazing local charity connected […]

Jude won’t wear socks. What is wrong with socks?!?! He also won’t wear a jacket unless it’s done up. Same goes for a zip up hoody, if it’s not zipped up he won’t wear it. Strange child. He has a real thing for clothes and loves a good pair of shoes haha Boy after my […]

Back to school and what a difference! Jude (after a challenging morning) went off to school happily and worked so hard in all his lessons. Then he came home and was polite, played nicely with his baby sister and was genuinely lovely. Makes me wish he could go to school all year round! Or at […]


Something Jude has always had is a sensitivity to touch. When he was little, you literally couldn’t touch the palms of his hands as he’d pull away and even now he is still reluctant to hug or embrace in any way. So with my Montessori teacher head on, I have always encouraged Jude to participate […]


Not a happy, happy topic but one very relevant to people with learning disabilities. So, we avoid socialising. I don’t mean that in a “we don’t want to see anybody” way. Rather I mean it in a “this would be way too stressful all round” kind of way. Jude can’t cope with social situations so […]


By far Jude’s favourite thing in the world is food. However, he has really strange taste. Jude’s favourite things include beans (green beans, kidney beans, butter beans, literally any type!) He also, weirdly, loves mushrooms, asparagus and plain pasta. When I say he loves them, I mean he could literally sit and eat a huge […]


I’m dreading the day Jude feels like this. People stare at him (and us) every day of every week but so far it’s only me that it bothers. Most people are friendly and chat to Jude when he talks to them however some people just stare and say nothing at all. Worst of all, for […]


I find it fascinating, watching Jude’s many strange little habits…his hatred of glasses (I keep finding mine at the back of a drawer), the fact certain doors have to be open and some closed all the time. Do you know any disabled child with funny quirks? I use the term funny as if I didn’t […]